Migration from cookie based Activation

  • We have switched to a new PRO authorisation system as the activation links were getting shared around all over the internet, making the service unfeasible to run. As of today we are using ~ 4000 Proxy IP's to get around the censorship imposed by Youtube on our server IP's.

  • If you have donated in the past "ONE YEAR", your data should be already with the new authentication system and you can follow the troubleshooting/activation guide here - https://www.yourvideofile.org/faq/?sid=69&lang=en&action=faq&cat=2&id=3&artlang=en to ACTIVATE, if more then one year from today (12 July 2020) you need to donate again to get into the new system.

  • I would also like to ask our PRO customers to DONATE regularly as things are getting harder by the day as more restrictions are being placed upon how video gets downloaded.

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